An Evening on the Waterpod, & West Indian Day

For several years I organized events to raise funds for the Swimming Cities Ganges trip.

waterpod-new-york-at-sea waterpod girls

One of our first was an evening aboard the Waterpod, an ecological experiment in living on the water, with music by Tianna Kennedy and Chloe, sponsored by Hendricks Gin. Guests were invited to explore this self-sufficient, floating biodome.

girls on boat emerging
Another event took place on “West Indian Day” – we set up a proto-boatercycle raft by a railroad bridge in the waterways between Brooklyn and Queens. We brought guests in underneath the bridge. This is the view from the front of the boat, approaching the party site.

tiny boats tiny boats orien

We participated in the Maze in 2009 at Death by Audio, a Williamsburg music venue. We built a pond and had attendees build their own tiny boats.

boatercycle launch
Boatercycle on launch day.

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