Masked Balls & Brass Marauders

In the past few weeks I had the opportunity to work with an awesome team (curated by New Orleans Airlift, for an event for Mother PR/Microsoft) to design and fabricate over 350 different masks for a lavish masked ball that took place in the wax museum here in New Orleans. There’s much more to be told, but in the weeks before we worked night and day dreaming up every wild kind of mask possible to make sure every attendee would be mysteriously and confusingly decorated and obscured.

Human Chandelier Ride and Giant Eyeball Thrones by Andrew Schrock and his team.


Hungry March Band  photo credit Michael Blase
Hungry March Band
photo credit Michael Blase

After that I devoted myself to making a tour wardrobe for my good friend Sara Valentine, who will be performing with the Hungry March Band across Europe this summer. Their band colors are black and red and we were on a shoestring budget. My goal was to create comfortable, exciting costumes that were lightweight for summer, conducive to movement (she’s a dancer and baton twirler) and in keeping with Sara’s dramatic, glamorous personality.

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