The Dreary Coast…2014

It was a privilege to work on another Jeff Stark/Shadow Parks Department production this fall, staged completely outdoors on boats on the Gowanus Canal.

Sarah MacMillan and I led a team of ten volunteers in creating eight main character costumes, sixty audience costumes, costumes for several bands, boat-minders, lighting and tech crew demons, sound crew in canoes, and for ourselves as priestesses of the dead. We also created a silent ceremonial space and ritual in which we robed each audience member, transitioning them from their everyday existence into shades, ready to board the skiff on the River Acheron. The Guardian called us “tantalizingly occult…”

Tracy Gilman is responsible for the amazing illuminated face masks of the Roman funeral procession. Thanks to all of our wonderful old friends who traveled from far and wide to work tirelessly on creating and performing this show, and the new friends I was excited to meet along the way.

Jeff in a bird headdress I made…click through for Gothamist interview.

Tod Seelie’s gallery for Gothamist

The New York Times Review

Video and Review by The Guardian

Our lottery chart of what new calamity might befall us that night

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I made six of these in a day…

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